Salon Insurance

Salons are loaded with risks that can easily wipe out your business and leave you without an income.

You’ve worked hard to open your business; don’t let a minor mishap close it.

  • Salons are exposed to sharp objects, exposed electrical equipment, dangerous chemicals and toxins, etc. on a daily basis. Mitigating the risks associated with these threats will greatly reduce the chances of your business’s doors being slammed shut.
  • Educate yourself and your staff on safety and the products they are using. If they are aware of the dangers posed by the salon’s surroundings, risks will be reduced.
  • Many independent contractors that rent space in a salon are not insured. Always verify the renter’s insurance status and be wary of who you bring into your business.
  • Business lawsuits are common, especially in the salon industry. Owning and operating a safe salon will keep you and your employees happy, as well as your customers!


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