Summer ideas for home, yard, and garden

As summer continues its welcome approach—and we in the Pacific Northwest are reminded that the sun is more than legend—home repairs and improvements occupy the minds of both homeowners and renters. It’s the perfect season for those with a green thumb or who fancy themselves handy with a hammer. And there are plenty tasks and jobs to keep both busy. From shingles to shrubbery, these tips will help even the most novice handyman tackle home, yard, and everything in between:

  • A great place to start any home project—the garage. While potentially scary, think of it as a quest. The mission—organize, clean, and potentially sanitize. An organized garage yields space and storage, even treasure. Of course, said treasure may consist of burned-out Christmas lights and busted lawn chairs, but there could be excellent garage-sale material. Either way, a well-organized garage can serve as base camp for further home improvements.
  • Start from top to bottom. Examine roof and gutters for any winter-inflicted damage. Broken tiles, shingles, and leaky gutters all require TLC. Also, make a point to look for any peeling paint on trim or woodwork. These patches should be scraped, primed, and re-painted to protect wood from summer heat, sun, and moisture.
  • Check any driveways and paved paths for cracks or splits. It’s a minor detail, but they can present a hazard when entertaining outdoors. Ensure they’re adequately filled so no one trips and falls. A party can be memorable if it concludes in a trip to the ER, but usually not in a good way.
  • Decks and porches should be thoroughly inspected. Loose railings and nails and rotted boards or steps require attention. It’s also advisable to clean outdoor deck and patio furniture.
  • Plant some pansies. Flowers are a great, inexpensive way to beautify your home. Gardening is great for curb appeal and has therapeutic value, too. Be sure to remove any weeds or dead foliage before planting. That way, new growth is protected from disease or damage. Shrubs and small trees are also fine additions to any lawn and, depending on the species, can be relatively low maintenance.

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Erin Stork, Homer Smith Insurance

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