Customer’s shifting spending habits

Salons have noted that clientele’s needs are changing. While many customers still view cuts and styling as essentials, on the beauty menu’s array of options, non-essential treatments are garnering less business. The frequency of client appointments is changing as well. The Professional Beauty Association’s report on these alterations is important to know for enterprising stylists and salon owners alike.   Some services have taken hits, but the basics are still as popular as ever:

  • Contrary to cuts, facials and massages—which can run on average $80 and $70, respectively—are luxuries customers are more willing to forgo. An hour of relaxation comes at a price. With a slew of at-home facial products, oils, and body creams, a do-it-yourself attitude can take charge.
  • This same trend is appearing with coloring. Instead of sitting in the salon chair for the full treatment, clients color their own hair and have it professionally cut. Though some are admittedly better than others, at-home hair care and coloring products can supplement salon visits.
  •  Not surprisingly, this trend corresponds to appointment frequency. Instead of monthly, clients may visit their salon every other month. Some are even willing to let a beauty school student cut their hair. Students don’t have the experience or expertise of a stylist, but they can be friendlier to the wallet.
  • Manicures and pedicures remain popular services, but as with cuts and colorings, they are less frequent. The at-home product trend also applies to nails. Customers alternate between store-bought and professional manicurist/pedicurist services.

Though these trends spell change for salons, it must be said that stylists boasting a strong client base are not losing them. Many stylists are devising creative ways to actually increase their clientele through a mix of business management and marketing savvy. Read our next blog for ideas on adapting to these emerging trends.

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