Salon business yields stylish benefits

The beauty industry has seen recessions and meltdowns on Wall Street, yet has staunchly survived. Even through the Great Depression. When almost every unnecessary comfort was cut from life, many women still had their hair done. It was the only small luxury they allowed themselves. Consequently, hairdressers kept their jobs. My great-grandmother was a hairdresser in the 1930s and was able to feed and clothe her family when so many could not.  

The same is proving true today. More services are available now more than ever, and the industry is benefitting. According to Nails Magazine’s 2009 Industry Statistics, $6.06 billion was earned by nail salons alone, off by only five percent from the previous fiscal year. For 2009, that’s pretty remarkable. In light of how many businesses and industries saw crippling losses, that small of a percentage is huge.

The Industry Statistics also found that of the employees surveyed, the vast majority, 42.9%, have been doing nails for ten years or more, a huge testament to the staying power of a beauty industry career. The benefits of employment in a steady field are obvious, but employees—especially hair stylists—enjoy a plethora of other benefits. Becoming self-employed is a simple prospect, work atmosphere can be either salon or home, and the freedom and flexibility of the career path enables employees to control their jobs. No corporate big-wig decides their fate, which is perhaps the biggest perk of all. Talent, charisma, and a bit of business savvy trump any office politics or bureaucratic rhetoric. The “bottom line” does not always apply.

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Erin Stork, Homer Smith Insurance

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