A Gift Your Children Will Treasure

is very important and it has been in the news a lot
lately. It’s great to know that if something goes wrong, your health
insurance will help cover you but the great part about Health
Insurance is that the regular physicals it helps cover help you stay
healthy. It feels good to be healthy.

are thousands if not millions of websites and articles dedicated to
healthy living. You can access those easily with a quick Google
search, but there may be someone in your life who can’t yet read the
words on the computer screen. You can give your child the gift of
healthy living without spending any extra money. I was very happy to
see that there are sites dedicated to healthy living for kids.
Websites such as kidshealth.org, detail activities, foods, and tips
for a lifestyle that could encourage your child to be fit and happy.
Your whole family can enjoy being fit together. Not only to do I
still love to play Frisbee, but I have many fond memories of my
father teaching me how to throw a Frisbee.

Smith Insurance is located in Washington
on the Olympic Peninsula, which means that we are lucky
enough to have a host of unique activities that many of the “healthy
kids” websites don’t enumerate. With that in mind, I tried to
compile a list activity or nutritious ideas catered to

1. We
live near many organic farmers. For a while I lived so close to an
organic farmer that I could bike there to pick up in season fruits
and vegetables.

Kayak surfing is exciting, unique, and great for the cold waters of
the Olympic Peninsula.

There are many U-pick farms, such as Graysmarsh in Sequim. Take your
relatives from New York City berry picking and watch how entertained
their children will be.

There are many beautiful hiking trails all over the Olympic National

Stand up paddling is an interesting combination of surfing and
kayaking. There are photographs of people doing yoga on stand up
paddle boats.

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