Non-profit Insurance

non-profit organizations offer wonderful support for a multitude of
issues in our society. In order for non-profit organizations to
function they have to ask for money and volunteers, which becomes a
moral struggle for both the non-profit and the community members it
contacts. The sad truth is that there is no way to say yes to all of
these solicitations, as much as we want to help. I recently came
across the website for The American Institute of Philanthropy, which
offers an evaluation of “over five-hundred” non-profit
, so you can decide, to which charity you want to
donate your time and or money.

is Nonprofit Insurance?

you a member of a non-profit organization? Non-profit Insurance is a
type of business insurance.  Nonprofit Insurance policies
provide “
savings [that the non-profit organizations] can pass along to their
members in the form of reduced premiums on their insurance”
(Longley, Robert)  
Homer Smith Insurance we offer guidance for Washington
State non-profits’ insurance
needs. It is important to check on
consumer protection for non-profits in our state because regulations
may be different for charity organizations.

Robert. “What are Nonprofit Health Insurance Cooperatives?.”
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